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Tesla Model S vs Jaguar I-Pace

Tesla has definitely taken over the electric car space in recent years and it’s not a shock due to the advanced technology and great performance that they offer. The rival in its category is the Jaguar I-Pace which is an all-electric performance SUV.


To get the prices, we made use of the car lease comparison tool on our site. At the time of writing this, you can get:

A Jaguar I-Pace 90kWh SE for £439.99 ex vat monthly

In comparison, you can get the Tesla Model S AWD 100kWh on a lease for a monthly payment of £704.99 ex vat 


Performance plays a big role in both the Model S and I-Paces’ desirability. Both the cars sit at around the 400bhp mark (base models) and this helps them effortlessly get up to speed when there is the need to. Although the Jaguar I-Pace has around the same horsepower and also more torque, it does lack in top speed, with it being limited to 124mph (you wouldn’t need to reach this anyway unless in Germany). Driving wise the I-Pace does a really good job of disguising its mass and providing a very accurate steering output through cornering which almost makes you forget its very large wheelbase. The Tesla feels a little floatier but also covers ground very rapidly for its size. It’s no wonder they decided to release the 100kWh version as this one is not great fun if you are wanting a very fast but still gets about in a swift manner.


Interior is very important in cars nowadays with how technology is moving forward, and manufactures are using this as a main selling point of their cars. Tesla is known for having interior ahead of their time which set them apart from competition. They have clever technology such as large screens which can control many of the functions within the car without having physical buttons, from air conditioning to air suspension which gives the interior a very futuristic feel. Jaguar has more of a classy feel within the cabin but also have very updated interiors with large touchscreens and driver displays but still many physical buttons that the majority of today’s cars have.  


The car is a comfortable five-seater and can even be configured into a seven-seat mode thanks to a pair of clever rear-facing occasional seats which flips out of the boot floor. With no internal combustion engine inside, the Model S has storage front and rear totalling a massive 895-litres. Fold the rear seats flat and you get 1,642-litres of luggage capacity. Comparing this to the 280 litres of boot space that you get in the Jaguar I-Pace it seems as though Tesla has really outdone the Jag in this department 


In conclusion we think that these cars both definitely have very good strong points and offer a very luxurious experience without the huge price tag.  it is really up to the preference of if you want a car that is focused on the technology and space but a bit steeper in price or the cheaper alternative which provides great quality and driveability but lacks a slight bit in space even in its SUV form.

To see our great deals on both the Tesla Model S and Jaguar I-Pace, check out our website and use our search feature to find the car you are looking for. You can also use our comparison tool to easily compare car prices and see what works best for your budget.

Tesla Model S vs Jaguar I-Pace

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